-i, --input ... Input assembly or file which contains the WebServices
-o, --outputfolder ... Output directory
-w, --wsdl {"[optional] ... Generate wsdl file
-s, --spwsdl [optional] ... Generate SharePoint compatible *wsdl.aspx file
-d, --spdisco [optional] ... Generate SharePoint compatible *disco.aspx file
-n, --servicename [optional] ... Specifies the fully qualified name of a service to be exported (when omitted, all services are exported)
-v, --verbose [optional] ... Verbose messages


1. WSDLGenerator.exe --input MyWebServices.dll --outputfolder ..\..\Temp --wsdl
2. WSDLGenerator.exe --input MyWebServices.dll --outputfolder ..\..\Temp --wsdl --spwsdl --spdisco

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sjunejo May 29, 2012 at 3:19 PM 
It didn't work for me...I am getting BadImageException while if I use the svcutil it works OK on my DDL. I think this is because my Service uses some reference from other DLL which we can pass by using '/r' with SVCUTIL but how to pass reference to this utility?

shivanaru Apr 6, 2012 at 11:46 PM 
Awesome!! works great!! Thanks.