Project Description
A tool to generate a WSDL file from a c# DLL which contains one more Microsoft WebServices.

The project is build using VS2015 and uses .NET Framework 4.0

WSDLGenerator uses ServiceDescriptionReflector code to retrieve all information from an assembly (dll) to generate a wsdl file.

WSDLGenerator (

        -i, --input... Input assembly or file which contains the WebServices

        -o, --outputfolder... Output directory

        -w, --wsdl[optional]... Generate wsdl file

        -s, --spwsdl[optional]... Generate SharePoint compatible *wsdl.aspx file

        -d, --spdisco[optional]... Generate SharePoint compatible *disco.aspx file

        -n, --servicename[optional]... Specifies the fully qualified name of a service to be exported (when omitted, all services are exported)

        -v, --verbose[optional]... Verbose messages

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